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Bosch Introduces New Security Features to Lock Your E-Bike

Man with Phone Showing Bosch E-Bike Security Updates

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Bosch e-Bike Systems is taking electronic bike security to new heights by leveraging its front-mounted Kiox 300 or Kiox 500 displays as advanced “keys.”

Bosch’s eBike Lock function, seamlessly integrated into the eBike Flow app, empowers your smartphone to metamorphose into a powerful “digital key.” This digital key not only locks and unlocks your bike by disabling motor support but also extends additional layers of theft protection and security.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation even more, Bosch has now endowed the Kiox 300 or Kiox 500 displays, perched on the bike’s handlebar, with the capability to function as electronic locks as well.

This new feature empowers riders to effortlessly detach the Kiox 300 or Kiox 500 displays from the mount, triggering an automatic engagement of the digital lock. Subsequently, reattaching the displays to the mount seamlessly unlocks the electronic bicycle.

Riders now wield the choice to secure their e-bikes through their smartphone, Kiox displays, or even both, offering great flexibility.


Bosch’s New Security Feature Makes Sharing Easy

A standout advantage of this feature is its ability to facilitate shared usage of e-bikes. By generating multiple digital keys via the Flow app, families and friends can effortlessly hop on the bike by inserting their Kiox into the mount, eliminating the need for your smartphone to disable the lock mode.

Customizing your digital keys is as simple as navigating to the eBike Flow app settings, located under “My eBike > Lock & Alarm”.

Yet another noteworthy update pertains to the unlocking mechanism. In the past, the e-bike would automatically unlock via Bluetooth when in proximity to your smartphone. A novel setting now affords you the freedom to deactivate the “automatic unlock” function and instead opt for “hold to unlock.”

By introducing this adjustment, riders are empowered to manually trigger the unlocking process through the “hold to unlock” button on the Flow app’s home screen, effectively mitigating the possibility of accidental unlocking when your bike is parked nearby.

But what if you misplace your smartphone? Fret not. According to Bosch, riders can access the eBike Flow app from another smartphone to log into their own account and restore control of their bike.

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