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Get Your Suit and Tie Ready: The Brompton World Championship Returns

Cyclists in suits taking part in the Brompton world championship

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This is big news for Brompton fans. The much-loved Brompton World Championship (BWC) is returning to London.

This time around, it will be a weekend-long event from 21 to 23 June 2024.

“Expect all the pageantry of the Brompton World Championships as you know it, including the classic BWC race on a specially designed circuit in the heart of the city,” the British manufacturer of folding bicycles revealed in a statement on its website.

BWC to Be Held in London This Year

This year, tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Friends and family are also encouraged to attend the event, which will include various activities, from entertainment, food, drinks, and merch to test drives in one festival zone.

The first BWC took place in Barcelona in 2006, and the most recent race was held in Singapore in October 2022 as part of the Tour De France Prudential Singapore Criterium. The BWC has evolved into a global phenomenon, attracting competitors worldwide. Its international reach speaks volumes about the universal appeal of Brompton bicycles and the vibrant community of enthusiasts they inspire.

Events are now hosted in various countries, each adding its local flavor while celebrating the global culture of cycling and the spirit of the Brompton community.

What Makes The Brompton World Championship Unique?

The BWC’s dress code is one of the unique quirks that make it a standout event. According to the rules, “all participants, both male and female, must wear a suit jacket, collared shirt, and tie.” Sports attire and Lycra are prohibited; every rider must wear a helmet.

These requirements reflect Brompton’s design ethos and emphasize the balance between practicality and style in urban commuting.

The event’s excitement is amplified even more by its Le Mans-style start, which tests participants’ speed, skill, and efficiency. Racers sprint to their folded bicycles, unfold them, and then begin to cycle. This challenge adds an engaging twist to the competition.

The course for the Brompton World Championship often takes place in scenic, iconic locations that can accommodate a large number of riders and spectators. Courses are designed to be challenging yet accessible.

The Brompton World Championship is way more than your average bike race; it’s a big party for the cycling world, packed with categories for everyone – from those who zip through the streets to those who turn heads with their fashion sense.

Got the need for speed? Dive into the men’s or women’s races. Fancy yourself a strategist? The team category’s calling your name. Seasoned rider? The veterans’ race is where it’s at. And if you’re all about that style, strut your stuff in the best-dressed contest. It’s a full-on celebration of what makes the Brompton crowd so special: agility, team spirit, and, naturally, top-notch fashion.

At its core, this championship strikes the perfect balance between fierce racing and pure, joyful fun.

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