Beautiful Beasts: 8 Eye-Catching Bikes We’re Obsessed with Right Now

Sirrus 6.0

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Bikes come in all different shapes and sizes, and some incredible designs over the years make you question whether a bike is just a mode of transport or a form of art.

We think they can be both, so we’ve put together a list of eight beautiful bikes we’re obsessed with right now, including past and present bicycles that we think are really something.

Cannondale SuperSix EVO Cannondale + Rapha + Palace Hi-MOD Special Edition Road Frameset
Image Credit: Cannondale

1. Cannondale SuperSix EVO Cannondale + Rapha + Palace Hi-MOD Special Edition Road Frameset

I know this is just a frameset, okay, but hear me out on this one.

The beautiful bike occurred when Cannondale teamed up with the iconic skateboard and streetwear brand Palace to add their flare to the SuperSix Evo frameset, the outcome is something that should be hung up in the Louvre, no doubt.

Absolutely no one can tell me this isn’t beautiful. Maybe not to everyone’s taste, but just such an iconic frameset and so visually striking

You may also recognize this frame, and that’s because this design was used by the men’s professional road cycling team, EF Education – EasyPost, at the Tour de France in 2023.

A real treat for the eyes.

Lotus 108 Track Bike
Image Credit: Paul Hudson from United Kingdom – Design Museum.

2. Lotus 108 Track Bike

It’s not a bike that can be bought on the market but another iconic bike, this time from 1992, with only four being made.

This amazing track bike was made by the British car company Lotus and was ridden to victory by Brit Chris Boardman in the 4000m Individual Pursuit at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics.

Aesthetically, this bike is so futuristic-looking that even in 2024, it could be a prototype not yet in production.

It’s a real two-wheeled spaceship.

VanMoof S5 E-Bike
Image Credit: VanMoof

3. VanMoof S5 E-Bike

It is a beautifully simplistic electric bike that for sure deserves a spot on our list.

If you live in a busy city, you’ve likely seen one of these zooming around your local streets. They are very popular indeed, and their look is definitely a big reason for this.

The motor is discreet, so there’s no ugly bulkiness from the electric side of things, which, of course, only adds to the beauty of this bike.

Although it’s available in only two muted colors, gray and dark gray, this e-bike really is a minimalist’s dream: a bike whose looks and color will not clash with whatever fabulous outfit you’re wearing.

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Specialized Hotwalk Carbon Balance Bike
Image Credit: Specialized

4. Specialized Hotwalk Carbon Balance Bike

Okay, I know what you are thinking, and no, it isn’t for adults, but a balance bike for children and toddlers who are learning to balance pre-pedals.

In my opinion, this just had to be added because of its amazing design, which is largely due to the carbon fiber it’s made from, allowing the frame to be made from one mold, creating a streamlined, minimalist dream

Now, for a child’s balance bike, it is pricey, but look how beautiful it is, it would even look super cool hung up on a wall as art.

Just imagine your child zooming around on it outside and then hanging it above the fireplace when they get back. It’s iconic.

CARBO™ Folding E-Bike MODEL X
Image Credit: CARBO

5. CARBO™ Folding E-Bike MODEL X

Perhaps you didn’t think that a folding bike, let alone an electric folding bike, would be on this list, but think again.  The Carbo is impressively simplistic and stylish.

As you may know, folding bikes tend to look a little clumsy and messy due to the nature of the frame, but not this one. The design is sleek and all-black, stealth mode activated.

Likewise, it is electric, but from just one glance, you wouldn’t know because the motor is small and tucked away, adding to the simplistic yet striking look.

Specialized Sirrus 6.0 Hybrid Bike
Image Credit: Specialized

6. Specialized Sirrus 6.0 Hybrid Bike

Just one look will tell you why this hybrid has made this list. I mean, just look at it.

This futurist bike is truly iconic, the perfect response to anyone who thinks hybrids are boring. With the interesting frame design, it would not look out of place in the Tate Modern

Made from carbon fiber and designed for everyday use, this leisure bike will undoubtedly turn heads when being ridden to work or out in the country lanes

Calfee Design Bamboo Mountain Bike
Image Credit: Calfee

7. Calfee Design Bamboo Mountain Bike

Okay, now, I know what some of you may say. You may personally think this is a little odd and maybe not the most aesthetically pleasing bike you’ve ever seen, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

And given the ever-growing concern for the environment, more sustainable options for materials are amazing. Hence, a bike made from bamboo is a beautiful thing: a gift from Mother Nature if you were.

What I personally love about this bike is the natural vibe. Because the frame is literally made of bamboo, you can’t really get more natural than that.

Now that is beautiful, a really unique bike that helps make the world greener and more sustainable.

Pinarello GREVIL F9 - SHIMANO GRX DI2 Gravel Bike
Image Credit: Pinarello

8. Pinarello GREVIL F9 – SHIMANO GRX DI2 Gravel Bike

You didn’t think we could have a most beautiful list and not include a Pinarello, right?

Of course, the last bike we have is their F9 carbon fiber gravel bike, which is Chef’s Kiss, a really stunning piece of engineering brilliance from Italy.

I’ve honestly never seen one of their bikes that didn’t look like it had been lovingly crafted rather than just drawn up and rushed into production; they really are made and designed with passion and love, and my, does it show.

What really sets this bike apart from others is the angles of the frameset, from the forks to the sloping top tube angles and rear stays; it really is just a beautiful bike.

Did we miss any good ones on our list? Let us know what bikes you think are the most beautiful.

Bikes, as great as they are, don’t have to be boring. Hopefully, our list includes a wide range of stunning bikes that you can admire and, who knows, maybe even purchase.

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