Lightest Gravel Bikes: 7 Lightweight Adventure Bikes

Cut off shot of man gravel biking.

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As more of us are turning to good old off-road fun to get our two wheeled fix, the gravel bike industry has boomed.

But with such a large range of gravel bikes to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed trying to figure out what may best suit your needs. But, if a lightweight adventure bike is something you are considering then carry on reading; we have you covered.

Lightest Gravel Bikes: Top 7

  1. S-Works Crux in white background

    7.3kg (16.09lb) for 56cm frame

    S-Works Crux

    Claiming to be the lightest gravel bike on the market, this pick certainly does not come in cheap, but in true S-Works form it’s astonishingly lightweight. At only 7.3kg for a 56cm frameset, this machine makes the perfect bike for gravel racing, or for someone keen on splurging for engineering brilliance.

  2. bmc Kaius01 one

    7.4kg (16.31lb) for 54cm Frame

    BMC Kaius 01 ONE

    The Swiss brand has made a fully fledged racing machine with this bike, coming in at a very impressive 7.4kg for a 54cm, it’s easily one of the lightest gravel bikes around. Not only that, but it is a great looking bike too.

  3. Lauf seigla Rigid Ultimate in white background

    7.82kg (17.24lb) for M frame

    Lauf Seigla Rigid Ultimate

    Another impressively light gravel bike coming in at under the 8kg mark, this beauty weighs in at a very respectable 7.82kg for a size M. Kitted out with everything you need to race at the highest levels, this is another performance focused gravel machine, but suited to a more reasonable budget.

  4. Open Upper in white background

    Aprox 8kg (17.63lb)

    Open U.P.P.E.R

    A great option for those wanting a one off, this pick offers a gravel bike that can be built up for around 8kg! With the ability to customise making this build a great option for those looking for something with a personal touch that’s still super light.

  5. giant revolt advanced pro in white background

    Aprox 8kg (17.63lb)


    A solid pick from the iconic cycling Giant, this option is brand new for 2023 and promises to offer a great ride quality for a bike around the 8kg mark. Decked out with great componentry and beautiful tanned side walls, it’s a fab option for those racing or those wanting to look good while exploring.

  6. ibis hakka mx in white background

    Aprox 8kg (17.63lb)

    Ibis Hakka MX

    A great option from a smaller brand that also offers a level of personalisation in the build process: if built with the SRAM Rival AXS groupset, this bike for a M will be around the 8kg mark. Overall it’s a great option for those wanting to explore and bike pack.

  7. canyon grizl cf sl in white background

    9.84kg (21.69lb)

    Canyon Grizl CF SL 6

    Now, this is not the absolute lightest gravel bike out there but… new for 2023 and for less than 2k in British money, it’s an incredibly good deal and allows for a less than 10kg gravel bike to become affordable to many people who otherwise would find themselves unable to enjoy a lightweight bike for their price range, so for that reason, it had to be included.

What is a Good Weight for a Gravel Bike?

If you were wondering what sort of weight would be seen as good for a gravel bike then roughly you’d be looking anywhere between 8kg-10kg. For a medium sized frame (around 56cm) anything that fits within this range is considered light.

However, there are some extremely light bikes that actually drop below that range, some of which we have included in our pick of the best lightweight gravel bikes.

It’s also worth mentioning that the smaller the frame size of a bike, the lighter it will be. Therefore if you have a look at the weight listed, they will often take it from a size M – which is common practice in the industry.

That is if the bike brand even publishes the weight of the bike: something that is often not documented and pretty tricky to find at times. But overall a ‘good’ gravel bikes will be lighter than other popular options, like electric bikes.

How Much Does the Average Gravel Bike Weigh?

The average gravel bike weighs around 11kg, which is still of course very light for a bike, even by a lot of road bike standards. Road bikes being around 2kg lighter in general.

However, being an off road bike, a gravel bike will need to be reinforced and stronger in certain areas to take the forces and battering that off-road terrain will dish it. This explains why some gravel bikes are heavier than their road counterparts.

As you’ll see from our selection, some gravel bikes give high-end road bikes a run for their money in terms of weight. This is pretty amazing, being able to get bikes down to super low numbers is very impressive.

Not only that, but these bikes are still very strong and will not break under your weight or pressure. But the average gravel bike is unfortunately not as light as these specialist options.

Is a Carbon Gravel Bike Worth It?

Investing in a carbon gravel bike is arguably very much worth it. Unless of course you want a folding bike, then absolutely do not get a carbon gravel bike: get a folding bike.

Carbon has previously had the reputation to be somewhat flimsy, with some haters being ardently against carbon bikes, no matter the discipline. But simply put: they are wrong.

High-end bikes have been made of carbon for years now with very little issues. This material benefits from being both lightweight and very strong, offering a really brilliant and stiff ride quality that is perfect for performance orientation.

Hence why so many bikes across all disciplines now use carbon as their preferred material. But these bikes will often come with a hefty price tag if they’re a higher quality carbon.

Not only that, but the level of componentry will also play a role in how expensive a bike is, and the better the frameset, more likely it will come fitted with high end equipment. Unless of course it’s a custom build, then you can choose.

But the lightest bikes will have the more expensive components on: it’s all about saving as much weight as you can in as many places as possible.

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Lightweight Gravel Bikes (Top 7)

1. S-Works Crux

s-works crux in blue background
s-works crux on the road
s-works crux
  • UK Flag £11,700
  • US Flag $12,250
  • EU Flag €12,800

Prices are approximate

Weight: 7.3kg (16.09lb) for 56cm

Materials: FACT 12r Carbon

Gears: 12 speed

Super lightweight at 7.3kg1

12 speed SRAM Red eTap AXS 

Roval Terra CLX wheels 

If money isn’t a factor and you’re looking for a high-end, super lightweight gravel bike, then look no further. The S-Works Crux is the perfect weapon of choice for those wanting a gravel bike for racing, it’s super light, capable and stiff. Not to mention is decked out with some seriously good componentry, as you would expect. It won’t be in everyone’s price range but it’s for sure one to consider if splashing the cash for a 7.3kg bike is something you’re happy to do.


  • Super lightweight
  • Stiff ride quality
  • High-end componentry


  • The price
  • Stealth look isn’t for everyone

2. BMC Kaius 01 ONE

  • UK Flag £11,350
  • US Flag $11,999
  • EU Flag €11,499

Prices are approximate

Weight: 7.4kg (16.31lb) for 54cm Frame

Gears: 12 speed

ZIPP 303 Firecrest Wheelset 1

ICS Carbon Aero One-Piece Cockpit 2


The BMC Kaius 01 One is a fantastic bike that is built for speed and performance. Coming in at a cracking 7.4kg, it’s certainly giving the Crux a run for its money. Similarly, it does only come in the one colour, but the white against the blue/green detailing on the forks looks great. A real gravel racing machine, but the price is steep, be warned.


  • Very lightweight
  • Looks great
  • Great componentry
  • Range of sizes


  • The price

3. Lauf Seigla Rigid Ultimate

Lauf seigla Rigid Ultimate in blue background
lauf seigla rigid ultimate in use
lauf seigla rigid ultimate colours
  • UK Flag £5,122
  • US Flag $6,240
  • EU Flag €5,804

Prices are approximate

Weight: 7.82kg (17.24lb) for M frame

Gears: 12 speed

Lauf IRM* Seigla carbon frame1


e*thirteen XCX Race Carbon wheels 3

New from Lauf after discontinuing some of their super popular bikes, the Seigla Rigid Ultimate is the lightest build in their Seigla range. At a super impressive 7.82kg, this is another crazy light gravel bike, and one that’s perfect for competing on, or as a fancy lightweight build that would be easy to carry should you chose to venture onto some more gnarly trails.


  • Very light
  • Great componentry
  • Minimalist look
  • Ability to select from a range of components


  • Still expensive

4. Open U.P.P.E.R

open upper in blue background
open upper colours
  • UK Flag £3,982
  • US Flag $4,851
  • EU Flag €4,500

Prices are approximate

Weight: Aprox 8kg (17.63lb)

Gears: Dependent on build

Customisable around a great frame 1

Compatible with 650b and 700c wheels

Available in green, blue and RTP (Ready-To-Paint) 3

Although this isn’t technically any ‘bike’ so to say, from this range you can customise a bike to get it around the 8kg mark, which if you ask me is pretty impressive for such a frame with such great reviews. Because it’s so highly thought of, it just had to be included, even if it is somewhat cheating as it’s non specific. But their bikes are well worth a look, they are great for anyone wanting comfort and speed.


  • Highly customisable
  • Made to suit your needs
  • Lightweight


  • Still on the pricey side


giant revolt advanced pro in blue background
giant revolt advanced pro
giant revolt advanced pro
  • UK Flag £4,899
  • US Flag $5,500
  • EU Flag €5,700

Prices are approximate

Weight: Aprox 8kg (17.63lb)

Gears: 12 speed

SRAM Rival eTap AXS 1

Advanced-Grade Composite carbon frame 2

Tan side walls 3

Given how huge the company Giant is, it’s no surprise that they feature on this list with their very well received REVOLT ADVANCED PRO 1. Improving on the previous model, Giant is said to have saved 200g thanks to the Advanced composite frame and Advanced SL composite fork, which says to me that they were serious about cutting weight for this model. Coming in at around 8kg, it’s for sure paid off. But, it’s a pretty good price for the quality, making it a great option for anyone wanting to spend under 5k on a lightweight gravel bike.


  • Lightweight
  • Looks great
  • Great componentry for the price


  • Still expensive for most

6. Ibis Hakka MX

ibis hakka mx in blue background
ibis hakka mx
ibis hakka mx in use
  • UK Flag £4,202
  • US Flag $5,119
  • EU Flag €4,748

Prices are approximate

Weight: Aprox 8kg (17.63lb)

Gears: 12 speed

Available in two colours 1

SRAM Rival 2

Compatible with 650b or 700c wheels 3

Another somewhat customisable pick but this time from Ibis. If you want a great lightweight gravel frame that comes in two fun colour options and also benefits from having a range of groupset options for you to select from then this may be the option for you. The Hakka MX is also compatible with 650b or 700c wheels, again proving it to be a great option for anyone wanting a customisable yet light weight gravel rig.


  • Customisable
  • Two fun colours
  • Lightweight


  • Different components will effect overall weight

7. Canyon Grizl CF SL 6

canyon grizl cf sl 6 in blue background
canyon grizl cf sl 6 chain
canyon grizl cf sl 6 fork
canyon grizl cf sl 6 colours
  • UK Flag £1,949
  • US Flag $2,299
  • EU Flag €1,999

Prices are approximate

Weight: 9.84kg (21.69lb)

Gears: 10 speed

Carbon frame and forks 1

Shimano GRX 2

 DT Swiss C 1850 Spline db wheels 3

Although this is not the lightest gravel bike, and there were many others that would’ve battled for this 7th position, the value for money v the weight of this bike is just amazing. New for 2023, the Canyon Grizl CF SL 6 is only £1,949 and yet weighs in at 9.84kg: that’s seriously good stuff. Not only that but it also looks great and the frame and forks are also made of carbon, making it a great budget friendly buy for anyone wanting a lightweight gravel bike but wanting to spend a fraction of the RRP of the others in this list.


  • Amazing price
  • Carbon frame and forks
  • Light for the price


  • Only 10 speed
  • Not as light as high-end gravel bikes

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