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Best Single Speed Electric Bikes: Top 7 E-Bikes

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If like many, you’re looking to branch out into the world of electric bikes, but want a more straightforward bike mechanically, then a single speed e-bike may be the one for you.

They may be hard to come by, but rest assured there’s still a solid selection of the best single speed electric bikes to choose from.

And if you love single speed bikes but hate bike maintenance, make sure you check out our guide to the best belt-driven electric bikes.

But for now, here are the best single speed e-bikes around.

Single Speed E-Bikes

  1. Ampler Curt

    An electric bike designed for city commuting, featuring lightweight construction, minimalist design, and a powerful electric motor.

  2. Quella Electric Varsity Collection – Cambridge

    A stylish and high-performance electric bike suitable for urban riding.

  3. Pure Flux One Electric Hybrid Bike

    A versatile and affordable e-bike that can handle various terrains with ease.

  4. Desiknio Singlespeed

    A sleek and elegant bike that offers a smooth and effortless ride with its single-speed design.

  5. RAKEDE Boost Black

    An electric mountain bike with a powerful motor and a durable frame, suitable for off-road adventures.

  6. Lekker Amsterdam+ eBike

    A stylish and comfortable electric bike designed for daily commutes and leisure rides.

  7. Quella Electric Varsity Collection – Imperial

    A vintage-inspired electric bike that combines classic design with modern technology.

  8. The VALK

    A commuter e-bike powered by a fixed lithium battery, offering a reliable and efficient mode of transportation.

Benefits of a Single Speed Electric Bike

The biggest benefits of having a single speed electric bike is that they are (just like other single speed bikes) lower maintenance, and therefore easier and cheaper to maintain.

Additionally, if you live in a flatter area, gears aren’t always needed and therefore add extra weight. Thus, single speed ebikes tend to be lighter than standard e-bikes.

Single Speed E-Bike (PROS + CONS)


  • Lighter
  • Greater for riding in flat areas
  • Easier to maintain


  • Less gear options
  • Not suited to riding in hilly areas
  • Less versatile

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Best Single Speed eBikes

1. Ampler Curt

  • UK Flag £2,647
  • US Flag $3,473
  • EU Flag €3,190

Prices are approximate

Weight: from 14.4 kg
Range: 50 to 100 KM
Wheel Size:

Thinking of style, sophistication, minimalist yet practical? Well the Ampler Curt ,complete with hydraulic disc brakes, ticks all of those boxes. It’s electric belt drive single speed which is perfect for commuting.

In addition to its chic good looks (coming in all matte black) this bike also benefits from having useful accessories such as a front light and mudguards.

The Curt has an impressive range of up to 100km is thanks to its 336 Wh battery capacity, which takes 2.5 hours to fully charge. The bike is fitted with a 250W hub motor.

2. Quella Electric Varsity Collection – Cambridge

  • UK Flag £1,995
  • US Flag $2,350
  • EU Flag €2,350

Prices are approximate

Weight: 14 kg
Range: 50 km to 60 km
Wheel Size:
 varies by model

The Cambridge ties classical style with modern technology to incredible effect. At first glance, this looks like a bike plucked straight from the history books with an elegant, laid-back design reminiscent of decades gone. Beneath that facade lies a range of cutting-edge technology, though, including Bluetooth, a tamper-proof alarm with wheel lock function and a built-in GPS system.

You also get pedal assist up to 25km/h and the bike is so lightweight that it feels even faster than that, easily zipping through traffic. Better still, the battery recharges as you ride, alleviating some of that range anxiety, especially on longer journeys. The Cambridge can travel an impressive 60km on just one charge, so it won’t let you down.

The design is beautifully streamlined and the battery is housed neatly inside the rear hub. Various modes allow you to customise your ride. Eco mode applies pedal assist for a maximum distance (50/60km on one charge), Turbo boosts assist up to 25km with a maximum power of 250kw and Turbo Custom facilitates an even more nuanced ride.

Don’t be fooled by those retro stylings. This is an e-bike operating on the cutting edge of technology. It’s one of the most popular too, and always in high demand.

3. Pure Flux One Electric Hybrid Bike

  • UK Flag £1,099
  • US Flag $1,345
  • EU Flag €1,254

Prices are approximate

Weight: 17.5kg
Range: 40 KM
Wheel Size:

The hybrid electric single speed by Pure Electric is a perfect all round choice, especially for those working on a budget or looking for an e-bike to get fit on. Coming in at just £1,099.00 it’s hard not to appreciate the value for money.

Moving onto the aesthetics of the bicycle, and although it’s not particularly quirky, it does have a nice understated look to it which is perfect for minimalist-look lovers.

This bike is fitted with a 250W battery as well as a 252Wh battery, with 5 hours needed to fully recharge. Alternatively, 3 hours will charge the battery up to 80%.

4. Desiknio Singlespeed

  • UK Flag £3,900
  • US Flag $5,115
  • EU Flag €4,698

Prices are approximate

Weight: Around 13.5 kg
Range: 50 to 100 KM
Wheel Size:

On the other end of the price spectrum we have the very suave looking Desiknio Singlespeed. This high end option would make the perfect weekend single speed electric bike, and maybe even a highly sophisticated commuter.

Aesthetically this bike has to be one of the best looking. It has a minimalist vibe which is helped by the battery being integrated within the stem, keeping everything streamlined and neat.

Regarding the electronics, this electric single speed benefits from a 250W hub motor as well as a 250 Wh battery. A full charge for the bike will take between 2 to 3 hours.

5. RAKEDE Boost Black

  • UK Flag £1,752
  • US Flag $2,144
  • EU Flag €1,999

Prices are approximate

Weight: Around 15kg
Range: 40 to 70 KM
Wheel Size:

The RAKEDE Boost Black is another solid electric single speed option, which is also budget friendly. Although it’s still expensive for a bike, for an e-bike it’s a reasonable price tag, and you get a lot for your money.

This bike is without a doubt visually striking. This is mainly thanks to the matte black frame being paired with stylish tan sidewall tyres. It comes complete with mudguards and hydraulic disc brakes.

This bike is also fitted with a 250W brushless hub motor. The neatly hidden battery is fully charged after only 3 hours.

6. Lekker Amsterdam+ eBike

  • UK Flag £1,839
  • US Flag $2,251
  • EU Flag €2,098

Prices are approximate

Weight: 18 kg
Range: up to 40 KM
Wheel Size:

Looking for a reasonably priced electric single speed bike? Here we have the Amsterdam+ eBike from Lekker. There’s no surprise, given it’s name, that this bike would work really well as a city bike or commuter.

This bike has a fairly understated design. However, you do have the option between either black, or a more vibrant blue. In addition to two colour options, the bike is also kitted out with mudguards and a light.

Motor wise, the Amsterdam+ uses a 250W rear hub motor. The 418 Wh Samsung battery on this bike is also removable to make charging that little bit easier.

7. Quella Electric Varsity Collection – Imperial

  • UK Flag £1,995
  • US Flag $2,442
  • EU Flag €2,274

Prices are approximate

Weight: 14 kg
Range: up to 60KM
Wheel Size:

Last but not least, we have the Quella Electric Varsity Collection Imperial, which is (bar cosmetics) exactly the same as the previous Quella. Once again this is a perfect all round electric fixie, best suited for cruising around the city.

Looks-wise this is a very beautiful bike, which is mainly due to the chrome finish on the frame which looks very classy against the black accessories.

This Quella is also fitted with a pedal assist 250W hub motor. There’s a a 154.8 Wh battery, that has a charging time of 3 hours.

8. The VALK

  • UK Flag £650
  • US Flag $799
  • EU Flag €799

Prices are approximate

Weight: 21 kg
Range: 70 km to 80 km
Wheel Size:
 26” x 1.75”

Not only is the VALK one of the cheapest e-bikes on the list but it also has one of the most impressive ranges at 80km. If you aren’t enamoured with the Cambridge, then the modern, gunmetal design of this bike is likely to appeal. Its futuristic stylings look as though they’ve been taken directly from a sci-fi film, making it one of the most beautiful fixies available.

There’s plenty of substance beneath the style, too. The controls are kept purposefully simple without any distractions but the bike takes advantage of all the latest battery technology. Acceleration is impressive via the 36V battery which, when combined with a brushless motor, makes assist extremely smooth. Tyres are hybrid by default, providing just the right compromise between grip and speed. This makes the VALK ideal for commuters but also for those wanting to take longer rides at the weekend.

The charge time sits at 6-8 hours and the battery doesn’t recharge as you pedal (as is the case with some other e-bikes). Nonetheless, that staggering 80km range will keep you on the road without any suggestion of range anxiety. This is an excellent fixed-gear electric bike for anybody on a budget, but it’s more than an economy model. Build quality is high, range excellent and the hybrid tyres mean that it can tackle anything.

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