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Is the Teleport Ride E-Bike Legit? (Brand Review)

Photo of Teleport Ride e-bike with words; "Legit or not"

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The emergence of Teleport Bike and its self-charging electric bicycle, the Teleport Ride, has sparked a wave of curiosity and skepticism across social media platforms and online forums.

Several Reddit threads have discussed the legitimacy of the brand and its tech and we even received a message on Facebook asking if this brand was legit. There seems to be no clear consensus online about whether or not it’s worth investing in this new brand.

So we at Discerning Cyclist decided to embark on an investigation to shed light on the legitimacy of Teleport.

Is the Teleport self-charging e-bike legit or a pesky scam? Here’s what we know:

Are Teleport E-Bikes Legit?

Prompted by reader feedback and online speculation, Discerning Cyclist did a deep dive into Teleport and collected as much information as possible, including reaching out to the brand themselves for information.

This is all the information we were able to reliably collect:

Woman with Teleport Ride
A photo from a promotional shoot for Teleport Bike. Image Credit: Teleport Bike

Who is Teleport?

According to its website, Teleport positions itself as the manufacturer of the innovative “Teleport Ride,” an e-bike with touted features such as self-charging capabilities, an exceptional range, remarkable speed, and impressive power, all wrapped in a cutting-edge design.

The website claims that the bike achieves this through regenerative braking technology, harnessing kinetic energy during gliding, pedaling, or braking to charge the battery—an approach reminiscent of electric cars.

To gain more transparency about Teleport and its team, Discerning Cyclist reached out to the brand.

Eric Anderson, a spokesperson for Teleport, responded to our inquiries. However, Anderson refrained from divulging information about the team behind the project, citing that some details remain under media embargo due to their forthcoming official launch.

Anderson elaborated, “Teleport Ride is the result of two years of research and development. We have a CM (contract manufacturer) lined up, and we have been working closely with them since early 2022. We’ve been incorporated since January 2022, and have received seed funding.”

How Much Does the Teleport Ride Cost?

Teleport Ride is listed on the official website with a price tag of $1699, with a direct comparison to other e-bikes priced at $3799. Prospective buyers can reserve a Teleport Ride by registering on the website using their email address.

Upon registration, Discerning Cyclist received an email from team@teleport-ride.com, signed by a person named Gus, who identified himself as a co-founder of Teleport Ride. Gus expressed the brand’s mission to create a self-charging e-bike with exceptional range, speed, and power. He also indicated that Teleport Ride would be launched by the end of September.

Gus encouraged potential customers to “upgrade to VIP status” by making an immediate payment of $100. This VIP status offers access to enticing perks, including a “55% discount or $2100 off,” “early access to the campaign page,” and an “invite to a private Facebook community.”

On its official Instagram account, Teleport responded to questions about its product. When asked when the product will be shipped to buyers, Teleport replied that “shipping is scheduled for February 2024”.

Teleport Ride e-bike
Discerning Cyclist could confirm that a prototype of the Teleport Ride was used on a photo shoot in Los Angeles. Image Credit: Teleport

Where is Teleport Based?

The official website does not provide information about Teleport’s physical location. Nevertheless, on the brand’s Facebook page, Teleport describes itself as a “Canadian e-bike company.”

In the email from Gus, an address is included, stating that the company is based in Edmonton, Canada. Discerning Cyclist has reviewed official documents provided by Teleport, confirming the company’s headquarters are based in Edmonton, Canada. We reached out to management of the high-rise building who did not respond by the time of publishing this article.

Anderson from Teleport also confirmed that prototypes of the Teleport Ride are available for test rides at a factory in San Diego, California.

It’s noteworthy that all promotional footage featuring the Teleport Ride, as seen on the official website and social media platforms, was filmed in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Reservoir. An individual involved in the filming process confirmed the use of prototypes and a “large crew” during production.

A close-up of the Teleport Ride.
Discerning Cyclist was provided with raw footage of the Teleport Ride being used. Image Credit: Teleport

Is the Teleport Ride E-Bike Real?

We can confirm the existence of raw video footage featuring the Teleport Ride prototype in the factory, as well as promotional testimonial footage showcasing the bicycle in use.

According to Anderson, all bikes depicted in the videos and images are “fully functional” and originate from their pilot run. He disclosed that the bikes are manufactured in the People’s Republic of China, in the Zhejiang province, with components sourced from the PRC, Taiwan, and Japan.

Teleport extended an invitation to Discerning Cyclist to test-ride one of the Teleport Ride e-bikes in San Diego. Regrettably, we don’t currently have a journalist available in San Diego for this purpose.

Is It Worth Putting Down a $100 Deposit for the Teleport Ride?

If you’re thinking of putting down a deposit of $100 to get first access to the Teleport Ride e-bike it would be worth considering the below pros and cons that Discerning Cyclist was able to verify:


  • Discerning Cyclist was able to find and confirm a business address for Teleport Bikes based in Canada.
  • Teleport Bikes are responsive via email and on social media.
  • Teleport did respond to media requests for comment.
  • A prototype of the Teleport Ride e-bike does exist and was used to film campaign footage, Discerning Cyclist confirmed.


  • No background information about the team or the company is publicly available.
  • Request for interviews via Zoom went unanswered. Only e-mail communication was received.
  • Teleport is a relatively new venture with no track record.
  • A $100 deposit is required to reserve a bike that will only be available in 2024.

Teleport Ride e-bikes in various colours
Teleport Ride in a variety of colors. Image credit: Teleport

Teleport Ride Review: Is It Legit?

In summary, our investigation has shed light on certain aspects of Teleport and its Teleport Ride e-bike. Prototypes of the Teleport Ride have been confirmed to exist and were used in promotional footage filmed in the United States. Discerning Cyclist was able to confirm that Teleport is based in Canada. Management of the office building did not respond to a request for verification.

Certain key details remain elusive. We were unable to definitively ascertain the identity of the team behind Teleport or the company involved. All communication happened via email instead of Zoom as requested.

This story is ongoing, and Discerning Cyclist pledges to update this article as new information surfaces. Any further comments or developments will be incorporated into this piece as they become available.

Note from editor: This article was updated on 3 October 2023 after new information regarding the address of Teleport were made available through the company. This documentation confirmed the location of the company’s headquarters in Edmonton, Canada. Building management has not responded to Discerning Cyclist’s request for confirmation.

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