Maxfoot Review: Are These Electric Bikes Any Good?

Maxfoot Electric Bikes

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With an explosion in the popularity of e-bikes, it’s no wonder that we’ve seen so many new entries on the market. It seems there’s never been so much choice when it comes to choosing the right one for you.

Whilst there’s been a number of already household names adding electric bikes to their portfolios, such as Giant and Canondale, we’re also seeing a number of new start ups dedicated specifically to the electric cause.

One such new entry in the pack is Maxfoot. They’ve promised to promote the ‘exceptional yet inaccessible’ electric vehicle technologies and make them more available for the general user. Their three wheeled electric trikes are certainly a big hit in North America; but are they any good? Stay with us for the Maxfoot review.

maxfoot bikes fact sheet

Who Are Maxfoot?

Looking for tough e-bikes that don’t cost an arm and a leg? Maxfoot might be just be what you’re after.

Founded in 2019 by two friends in their early 20s, Maxfoot is a company that specialises in advanced and sleek e-bikes. Their mission is an ambitious one; to bring the best, most affordable e-bikes to everyone in the world.  

The born and raised Californian brand wants to spread e-bikes to the masses, but how are they weighing up? Dive in to our breakdown of one of the fastest growing e-bike brands in North America.

What Does Maxfoot Specialize In? 

Maxfoot specializes in affordable and robust e-bikes and e-trikes for various purposes, from commuting to off-road adventures. They also offer an extensive range of accessories, allowing you to customise your e-bike to fit your needs.

They are known for their innovative design and have been crafting high-quality electric bikes since day one. Their bikes can fit a multitude of needs and definitely aren’t a one trick pony. Adaptable, agile, and always ready, there’s plenty of variety here.

Maxfoots e-bikes are known for packing a serious punch, and their flagship model the MF-30 is no exception. With a whopping 750-watt motor and a battery that can last up to 50 miles, this beast of a trike is nothing to be scoffed at.


Are Maxfoot Bikes Good?

Overall, it’s hard to argue with the popularity of Maxfoots products. They’ve produced some powerful and durable bikes that are a great investment for those looking to go to the electric side.

Although a relatively newcomer to the e-bike market, Maxfoot have made some serious waves and haven’t failed to impress. Having been founded in just 2019, Maxfoot have since released a huge variety of bikes at very reasonable prices.

Ultimately, the brand’s focus is in making the best e-bikes for as many people as possible. Their bikes and trikes aren’t just made for fun, the power they have makes them very capable of tackling most terrain and carrying most loads with relative ease.

One issue that’s been noted, especially with the trikes, is that they have a tendency to lose a little balance over 12 mph. For those planning on hitting the higher speeds, this is something to bear in mind.

However, amongst a huge variety of e-bike manufacturers, Maxfoot stands out as a crowd favourite. Their powerful and comfortable electric vehicles might not currently be the cheapest, but for American consumers looking to invest in sustainable transport alternatives they’re a great option for most. 

Is Maxfoot a Good Brand? 

Despite being a young brand, Maxfoot has established somewhat of a cult following amongst e-bike users in the US. For e-bikes, trikes and accessories they are a great brand to choose.

Their popularity means that there have been a large number of reviews, and they are mostly in praise of the Californian brand. Fortunately, for readers from outside the US, Maxfoot also ships to Canada, the UK, and several European countries.

Whilst they have a great online presence and a well polished website, there have been some negative comments about their technical support and customer service. It’s worth bearing these in mind if you’re thinking of investing.

There are also some stories of customer service taking an excessively long time to deal with queries, complaints and faults. But as always, we have to take these complaints with a pinch of salt.

However, these seem to have been largely addressed by Maxfoot and we hope they’ve been taken into account.

A Maxfoot electric tricycle in candy red

Where Are Maxfoot Bikes Made?

Maxfoot has its roots in El Monte, California, and continues to design and distribute from their offices there. However, when it comes to manufacturing, it’s likely that this is predominantly done overseas. 

Although it isn’t exactly clear to what extent Maxfoots bikes are made in the USA, there is at least some degree of assembly and quality control there which is a bonus.

It’s likely that the major components of Maxfoots e-bikes, such as the batteries, are produced overseas and imported to California for assembly. Unfortunately, the production process is not entirely clear and so nothing can be said with certainty.

China still has somewhat of a monopoly on manufacturing when it comes to electric bikes. For this reason, we’re less likely to see e-bikes that are designed, manufactured and assembled entirely in one place. It’s far more common to see these stages separated by country and continent.

Does Maxfoot Make E-Bikes? 

Yes, Maxfoot does make e-bikes! Infact, it’s their specialty, along with e-trikes. They have a wide range of electric bicycles to suit all needs at most price points. 

Their entry level models start at around $1,500.00. They also have regular sales on their website, and if you’re lucky you can grab a bargain with an extra $700 off on selected models.

Their most talked about product is in fact not just an e-bike, but an e-trike! The MF-30 is three wheels of fun that might just be one of the most affordable e-trikes we’ve seen.

Generally speaking, it’s best to buy direct from them, but they’re also stocked on Amazon as well as other selected retailers.

Maxfoot e-trike yellow

Maxfoot Bikes Review 

Maxfoot are generally highly regarded for their selection of e-bikes and e-trikes, with some models such as the MF-30 being particularly sought after. On, they have an impressive 4.89/5 based on over 300 reviews.

Overall, you should feel reasonably confident investing in bikes from them. Comments from Maxfoot riders generally focus on the products being of good quality at reasonably affordable prices. 

There are, unfortunately, mixed reviews when it comes to their technical support, so for those seeking peace of mind maybe it’s better to look to more established brands

That being said, there is limited information about their technical support system outside of the USA, so that is something worth bearing in mind if you plan on shipping it overseas. 

maxfoot bikes product round up

Best Maxfoot E-Bikes

We’ve rounded up a list of the best e-bikes from Maxfoot that are on the market today. Keep an eye on their website for frequent sales!

  1. maxfoot mf 30 e-bike


    Maxfoot MF-30

    Maxfoots flagship e-trike. Surprisingly affordable, powerful and with space in the basket for all your daily needs.

  2. maxfoot mf 19 folding e-bike


    Maxfoot MF-19 Folding E-Bike

    Fun, fast, full suspension e-bike with fat tires. Great for a smooth, comfortable ride.

  3. maxfoot mf 18 p


    Maxfoot MF-18 P

    Fat tired electric cruiser. A great cost effective choice for the majority of users.

  4. maxfoot mf 19 1000f


    Maxfoot MF-19 1000F

    Big battery folding e-bike that can tackle all the terrains you can throw at it.

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